Keep calm and keep going

I will start by apologising for any typos in this post. I am as I write this sat on my landing, silently staying near Beeswax while he is in manic state to make sure he comes to no harm.

The whole weekend has been ‘challenging’ for all in the hive. Waxy arrived home from school on Friday in a heightened state of shame due to being pulled up on his attitude to female staff. I kind of wish I could say to school that he is obviously feeling safe finally, as he saves this for only people he feels comfortable with. But, maybe they wouldn’t understand!

I digress.

Waxy has spent a majority of this weekend desperate to prove he can control everything and anyone and cause as many arguments as possible (it is really irritating but that how he copes).
Yesterday when he failed to get q rise out of either Bumble or I, he turned his attentions to Buzzbee (a sure fire candidate for chaos) and as expected by the afternoon he had taken the bait and hell began to break loose.
Verbal and physical battle lines had been drawn and neither were planning to fly the white flag. The peace ambassadors came under heavy fire and attempts for a ceasefire thwarted.
That was until peacekeeper Honey tried to step in and fell (along with hallway stairgate) into cloakroom, and giving her shin/ankle one heck of a whack.

And, so back to this evening and Waxy’s mania. Why is he falling apart? My guess is after his school issue and couple of days of shame filled behaviour, the last thing he needed was to see me hobbling around all day, knowing he had inadvertently played a part in my clumsiness.

For nearly 2 hours I have sat nearby while he throws things, sings the same song several times over and repeats the same sentence from a film (I lost count at 50 time).
I tried distraction. I tried calmly talking to him, but in the end all I could do is sit and wait in silence until he was ready.

Tonight I was.not dealing with a 12 year old, I was supporting a fighted 5 year old

Now peace has been restored. Time to put Buzz to bed (in the chaos he fell asleep on the sofa)


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