Our hero ‘Bumble’

The Weekly Adoption Shout Out

** Advanced warning this #WASO post will probably drift off in all directions and seem scatty**

I had thought of writing about the stresses of the last 2 weeks but decided that this post was sweeter and certainly gave me a much needed chuckle.

It is fair to say that Buzzbee has never found school very easy.  He is bright, inquisitive and articulate but his early years’ experience constantly gets in the way from achieving his potential.  His social skills are limited but with considerable support he remains popular with his peers (although sometimes I fear they are more laughing at him rather with him).  Sadly academically, his chronic low self-esteem and fear of failure has meant that he has become terrified of the slightest attempt at getting him to access any form of learning (although in the safety of the ‘Hive’ he is a little dynamo with his homework).

Over the past couple of weeks relationships with school has become pretty tough for Buzzbee, Bumble and I. I have found myself really struggling with the attitudes of the professionals who are involved with Buzzbee and their resistance to any attempt at understanding what is driving his behaviour, and where I have made myself ill, letting far too much get on top of me, Bumble has somehow managed to rise above it and turned into Superdad.

Buzzbee has also shown what a resilient little man he is and somehow managed to find a way to let through a modicum of the ‘cheeky monkey’ Bumble and I know and love.

Buzzbee loves “Guess How Much I Love You” and has for as long as we have known him. Over the years the story has taken on its own personality within the family and is certainly used as wonderful way of validating our feelings for him.

I cannot remember the last time that I felt so wiped out that I had no choice but to rest and this has meant that Bumble has had to step up  a little more than he is used too and which has meant that he and Buzzbee have had some much needed bonding time (Buzzbee has always been Mummy first, Daddy only if Mummy isn’t around) but with Buzzbee feeling very vulnerable he has relished the extra attention from his dad and has gone into full on “Guess How Much I Love You” mode or should I say “Guess Why I Love Daddy So Much” .

In an attempt to give Bumble a chance to breathe for a few minutes this morning, I suggested that Buzzbee and I get my laptop out and we could type up some of the things he wants to ‘tell’ daddy and hadn’t yet (I invited Beeswax to join us but took his grunt as a sign he didn’t want to).

My brain is not exactly working at full speed at the moment and so trying to keep track of all he wanted to say was “interesting” to say the least but he was enjoying himself and oh, boy he really did had a lot more to say and I have to admit several of them are so on the money and demonstrate that he doesn’t miss a trick.

“This is why I love my daddy so much”

  • He is the bestest daddy in the world
  • He is going to be the best daddy forever
  • He lets me play on his computer
  • He lets me watch Star Wars and Dr Who
  • He can fix computers
  • He is rubbish at DIY job but always has a go even though he knows mummy or granddad will have to always fix it
  • He makes quite good Hot chocolates (with practise they will be almost as good as mummy’s)
  • He likes LEGO and Dinosaurs
  • He tells silly jokes
  • He uses voices when reading me stories
  • He gives the 2nd best hugs in the house
  • He lets me stay up later when mummy isn’t home and we have ‘boys’ snacks
  • He is good at making doing nothing look like he has worked really hard (it drives mummy crazy)
  • He can make mummy laugh when she is sad
  • He is easily distracted (Beeswax and I can get out of jobs very easily)
  • He is always kissing up to mummy to get what he wants (he learnt from the masters)
  • He always makes sure if he is away that he phones me before bedtime or sends me messages
  • He knows everything and is really, really brainy
  • He sings really bad
  • He is cool and rides a motorbike
  • He has a cool job, playing with computers all day long
  • He loves popcorn, just like me
  • He stands up for me when Beeswax is being mean to me

I can’t think of a better way to show Bumble that no matter how much Buzzbee pushes him away at times. Buzzbee loves him and notices what is important to him.



6 thoughts on “Our hero ‘Bumble’

  1. So lovely, what a great way to celebrate how wonderful Bumble is. In our household daddy is very good at doing his bit when I get a little down or over tired. I think it’s good for the children to see you helping each other out and support each other. It’s easy to take that support for granted so it’s lovely to see this long list of positive things.

    Thanks for sharing on The Weekly Adoption Shout Out.

    • Bumble is an angel but a self confessed procrastinator. His 2 brothers are the same. MIL always jokes that spoilt them by doing it all for them and it is a standard joke with my dad if they are doing DIY “how many minutes in will they get before bumble offers to make a cup of tea”. I wouldn’t have him any other way.

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