“I am really sick, mummy!”

Ok if I were now sitting down and about to read the title of this post I would be thinking, “ahhhhhh poor little mite!”

Let me assure you straight away, Buzzbee has never been in ruder health! No, this was his response when I told him I was proud of his school report and how he described himself after his Street Dance lesson last night.

Too Cool For School

‘Sick’ apparently is good, wicked, off the hook (I think you get the idea).  He was pleased with himself and lately this is a very rare occurrence  so it is music to my ears to hear him describe himself like this (OK I would prefer he wasn’t using ‘Teen Speak’ but only because I get confused with all the meanings).

So why is he so pleased with himself and why am I planning to link this to #MemoryBox ?

Well I think the school report speaks for itself.  Despite all the trials and tribulations Buzzbee and school have been through this year, he and school have managed to find a way through it and although most areas he still feels unable to physically put pen to paper or stay in a classroom for more than 5 minutes, school have found more practical/indirect ways to keep his learning going and they are seeing progress not only academically but socially also, and he is feeling more and more confident about his abilities (mind you it is fair to say he hasn’t cottoned onto the fact he is learning each day, like his peers).

***Warning Gushing Mummy moment***

Buzzbee has tried several after-school activities that he expressly wanted to attend with limited success and have always ended in his self-esteem and confidence being knocked or it has be quietly suggested that “he many not want to come back”.

That was until recently  Buzz loves hip hop style dancing and doing tricks which quite frankly are turning my hair grey, and earlier this year he was invited to join a local street dance class (instructor had seen him flipping about in the playground at school).  From the first lesson he attended I didn’t recognise my little boy.  Not only was he calm and engaged the entire lesson but he was interacting with other children without trying to control them.  As the weeks have gone on he has grown more and more in confidence at his abilities during lessons and has began to do solos during the ‘freestyle circle’ (now his teacher has grey hairs too but she is impressed with his ability to control his moves and keep himself safe).

So why does he think he is ‘sick’ this week.  Well, simply because his class had a guest instructor come into their lesson yesterday and when Buzzbee finally plucked up the courage to show him the moves he had already learnt, the instructor said (and I quote) “Dude! for such a little man who hasn’t been learning for long, you have got sick skills, kid”, and the result of this wonderful praise! HE WOULDN’T GO TO SLEEP UNTIL 9.30pm BECAUSE HE WANTED TO BE EVEN BETTER FOR NEXT TIME (I apologise for the screaming).

To be honest the REALLY late bedtime was worth it to see him so happy.  When it was first suggested he started street dancing I was sceptical because of what has happened with all the other clubs but that concern has blown away. For 1 hour once a week my little boy forgets all his problems and throws himself into his lesson and the staff are just so wonderful with him. They have never had any concerns about managing his ‘fizziness’.

Buzzbee’s only gripe!  He can only do it once a week at the moment.

Memory Box

4 thoughts on ““I am really sick, mummy!”

  1. That is brilliant! Sorry, I mean ‘sick’. I think it’s great when kids can find something that really interests them, and such a bonus that it’s building his confidence, and giving him calm time (despite what I imagine can be quite a frantic, busy dance session?).

    Thanks for linking up to Memory Box x

    • Thank you. Frantic would be one description. I have joked that one day I am going to need a defibrillator. Every time he starts doing break dance moves my heart almost stops.

  2. great news and how fantastic. I am so pleased that he has found his niche where his wild side can be embraced and developed. brilliant. Sad that it comes on the back of him having to just not come back to so many things – another tragic example of the school establishment mold not fitting and not being flexible enough… here’s to more freedom and joy and esteem building. xx

    • Thank you. He is definitely lively. My dad calls him Zebedee. school definitely have a difficult job because he has such a distorted emotional view of himself.

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