Pillow talk – telling the ‘tooth’

I don’t usually write a second #WASO post but Buzz’s nocturnal activities last night has prompted me to share a 2am bedside conversation that he and I had. Although I have decided that it needs sharing at a more civilised hour.

Since falling off his stunt scooter a few weeks ago Buzzbee has been slowly losing his baby teeth and despite his best efforts, the tooth fairy has managed to successfully negotiate his many ‘fairy traps’ and collect his teeth without getting caught! He has coped well with this despite his anxiety about blood and his obsessive behaviour around his looks.


Fast forward to our late night dialogue.

(Scene: Bumble away for the night so mummy has bedroom to herself.  Small but loud footsteps come racing across landing into bedroom)

Buzz: “Mummy, mummy.  I have lost another tooth”

Mummy: (sleepily) “Wow, wonderful darling. Go and put it under your pillow and maybe the tooth fairy will make a last minute call before she goes home to bed”

Buzz: “I don’t mind if she doesn’t come, but I don’t want you to be sad”

Mummy: (suddenly wide awake) “Why would I be sad?”

Buzz: “Because I am not your baby anymore.  I am a man and soon I will grow up and have a wife and children of my own – I want 4!”

Mummy: “4 children?”

Buzz: “No! Silly mummy. I want 4 wives and 4 four children”

Mummy: “Wow that is a lot! Now I think I better take you and snuggle you back into bed because it is very early”

Buzz: “No wait! We need to talk about this! I really, really don’t want you to feel sad”

Mummy: “I am not sad. I think it is wonderful that you have lost another tooth and no matter how big or small you are, you will always be my ‘baby boy’”.

Buzz: “But what will you do when I move out, and have my own Penthouse and Bugatti Veyron? Will you miss me?”

Mummy: “Crikey Buzz your little brain is Buzzing tonight.  Of course I would miss you but I want you and Waxy to grow up happy and have a wonderful family of your own and if you moved a long, long way away I hope you know that this will always be your home and that I will always be there for you”

Buzz: “Ok now stop talking mummy, it is late and I want to go back to bed. I need my beauty sleep you know!”

I have got used to having late night chats with Buzz. They are usually very random and always make me smile, but I know at the moment he is struggling with his identity and it is stirring up a lot of thoughts and feeling about his birth family and the reasons he is now with us.

He is always worried about me leaving him and given half the chance he would have himself at the moment surgically attached to my side but at the same time still is super independent.

The Weekly Adoption Shout Out

2 thoughts on “Pillow talk – telling the ‘tooth’

  1. Very cute, I am sure he will change his mind about wanting 4 wives when he realises how stressful it would be to keep them all happy! 🙂

    • I foolishly decided to explore a little further into the wives bit. Apparently this way his children will always have a familiar mummy babysitting if he takes the others out.

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