Recipe for an Un-Bee-lievable adoption party

bee Collage 


2 Very eager and imaginative boys
1 Very crazy, party planning, perfectionist mummy
1 Laid back daddy who is an expert at keeping mummy calm
1 Very skilled cupcake making aunty
2 Sets of Grandparents
60 or more friends of all ages to help you celebrate
460 Photographs of your children (from intros to now)
Several handmade decorations
A village hall
Disco equipment hire
Lots of food
And last but not least – a chocolate fountain


Preparation is key!
Ideally you will have several weeks to plan your party. So getting everything right shouldn’t be a problem.
If, however, you do not have that gift of time, carefully follow the instructions below and hope for the best.

  1. Take each of the ingredients and gently start blending them together.
  2. Make sure you keep checking on your ingredients at regular intervals to make sure everything is blending smoothly.
  3. If it looks like Mummy is starting to lose the plot, add a little more daddy to calm things back down.
  4. As the afternoon goes on gently add extra friends to the mix until the party feels like it is in full flow.
  5. Make sure that the music and entertainment is kept fresh and that the ingredients are actively blending together.
  6. Now try to sit back and enjoy yourself.

If all goes to plan, the end result with be a wonderful afternoon spent with friends and family helping you celebrate finally truly becoming a ‘forever family’

Warning: The next day a couple of the ingredients may have gone sour.

This light-hearted post was written as part of The Adoption Social’s ‘Weekly Adoption Shout Out’ #WASO

cake collage

The Weekly Adoption Shout Out

11 thoughts on “Recipe for an Un-Bee-lievable adoption party

  1. Lovely job!
    We totally fell of the celebration train:( We had a small cake just the four of us the day we got our official documents and had plans to party…but it just all seemed too much. For us and Jonathan!
    Congratulations! What a great looking celebration:)

  2. Hope the fallout hasn’t been too bad? Looks like some great ingredients for a great party…

    Thanks for linking up to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

    • Thank you.
      Fallout was really horrible. Had to be very mindful of my reactions for several days after because of the venom being spat at me (too hard for waxy to acknowledge a mum doing something nice for them)
      But, the aftermath was worth it to see them let go and relax for a few hours.

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