Meet my ‘Secret Santa’

This week I’m hosting my first guest blog post as part of ‘The Adoption Social’ Secret Santa blog exchange. For several months now I have enjoyed reading Lindsay’s blog posts over at Grey Street and following her and her family’s journey. So I am really pleased that I get to host her ‘Secret Santa’ post this week.

Once you have finished reading this wonderfully festive post, why not check out more of her fantastic writing over at Grey Street and while you are at it, pop over to ‘The Adoption Social’ for more great blogs, support and advice.

Enjoy!  And, Season’s Greetings to you all.



First Christmas

Last year when Christmas rolled around, Jonathan had been with us for just over a month.

Looking back, I think I was nuts!

Our lives had just completely changed; roles had been flip flopped, familiar schedules thrown out the window, I had lost my old identity and hadn’t found my new mom-none-working one yet.

I was completely in love and completely… I think in a state of adoption shock sums it up!

Yet, I Christmas baked like it was my job. I Christmas shopped like my life depended on it. I canned jam and sewed for a little Christmas sale. We had family over for Christmas day and dinner. And I cooked a turkey. Maybe I was trying to just carry on like not big deal, there’s just this little fellow here now but it hasn’t changed me that much. Or maybe because I just didn’t know what else to do.

But all the nuttyness melted away as soon as we woke him up on Christmas morning.

It was his first Christmas that he had any stability. That he had any language to express and know what was happening. And as far as we know, that he had a lot of new toys (we *may* have gone a tad overboard in wanting to make his first Christmas pretty spectacular) and a lot of love.

He didn’t quite understand at first. He was hesitant with the first few presents. Watching the rest of us tear the paper he seemed in disbelief that this is how we were all behaving. But, he caught on pretty quick! Tear, oooh and ahhh, place in a pile, repeat.

We spent the day eating yummy food, sitting around chatting and opening new toys and it was a very very perfect day. Cozy. Warm. With family. With love.

When the lights started to appear on houses a few weeks ago, Jonathan would squeal from the back seat of the car “I see Christmas time!” every time we drove by some. He was over the moon when Gord pulled out our Christmas tree and he is very impressed about the presents already appearing under the tree.

Clearly, our efforts last year made an impression and I can’t wait to repeat it (minus a few less toys) this year.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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