Shall We Dance?

Or maybe a better title would have been – “We like to Boogie”!

In the process of trying to think how to write this post, I have lost count of how many ‘dance’ related quotes I thought of using to kick start the dialogue, but nothing seemed to really fit (or I came to my senses and it sounded too corny).

The inhabitants of the hive can often be found engaged in one form of dancing or another.  Whether that comes in the form of Buzzbee throwing himself around the floor (or to be honest any open space) – practising the latest street dance trick/move he has learnt, myself jigging around (practising ballroom dancing steps) because there happens to be a tune that has taken my fancy and I just have to ‘DANCE’ which will then result in me grabbing the first victim partner I spot (Beedog, Bumble, Beeswax or Buzzbee – actually Buzz is always willing to dance with his mummy) or alternatively Bumble and I find ourselves trying to routinely dancing along in tentative synchronicity with the boys’ emotional/developmental beat .

For reasons that will most probably only be obvious to me, a comment at a recent meeting has stuck in my mind: “Every day we are all in one form or another engaged in the dance of attunement with our children”, and I now find myself thinking about my daily interaction with my boys and comparing that interaction with different dance styles.  Throughout the day not only do I find myself physically dancing with them, but I am constantly trying to adapt my rhythm to synchronise with the boys (I know I have finally cracked).

  • Will I spend my day dancing in triple time Waltzing with either one of my boys? – engaged in conversations and interactions – turning rhythmically around and around the floor (or world) as we progress through the day
  • Will I find myself doing a Cha-Cha? – swaying our hips (from room to room) to a lively Latin rhythm, but only taking small steps
  • Will it be a Rumba? – A day of passionate temperaments and unconditional love between a man and a woman – or even a mother and her sons.
  • Will it be a Tango or maybe a Paso Doble? –  Again strong and passionate but with strong postures, abrupt pauses and lots and lots of marching (stomping)
  • And not to be forgotten – When it comes to Buzzbee – Every day is a Street Dance day

I could probably name so many more but I must be careful because some days that dance could well turn into – Ice Dancing and someone will be skating on very thin ice!

I love this quote and it looks lovely with my dance shoes

I love this quote and it looks lovely with my dance shoes

This rather slightly NUTTY post is written as part of The Adoption Social’s #The Things We Do

The Things We Do


2 thoughts on “Shall We Dance?

  1. Amazing, I have often thought that what goes on between myself and my children is just like a dance. I love the fact that you actually con on to consider the different types of dances you do.

    Thanks for linking up to our post The Things We Do.

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