A Year On

This week’s #WASO is ‘A Year On’ and I have to be honest my mind is running at 100mph thinking of what to write for this week.  So, rather than sit down and agonise over what to write, this week I am going to simply pick the first five thoughts that came into my head when thinking about the topic and elaborate on them (and hope and pray it doesn’t sound too batty).

The Weekly Adoption Shout Out

If someone had told me one year ago that I would have the courage to sign myself up for a 4 days DDP level 1 training course and hold my own in a group of professionals.

I would have said “That isn’t going to happen.”

Guess what? 

One year on – It has happened and I had never felt more comfortable with the course content in my life!


If anyone had told me one year ago that I would be able to trust Beeswax enough to take Beedog for walks unsupervised

I would have said “Wouldn’t it be lovely, but…”

Guess what? 

Not only can I trust him to walk her without an adult being present, but Beedog now trusts him enough that I now feel confident that if he does let her off her lead, she will come back to him without a problem.


If one year ago I had been told that I would have to Home Educate one of my boys and add another job title to my already endless list of Extra-Curricular ‘mummy’ jobs.

I would have said “No way! No how!”

Guess what? 

One year on – I am home Educating Buzzbee because he simply wasn’t coping or learning at school.  Is it easy? No.  Is it worth it? Yes – Buzzbee’s confidence and self-esteem is growing every day and on the days when it is not so good, well, there are always plenty of documentaries on BBC iPlayer or YouTube that Buzzbee and I can snuggle up with and watch (learning and bonding – what more could we ask for?)


If someone had told me that one year on I would be taking my 8 year-old (who becomes very anxious when in poorly lit areas or the dark) out on a very dark and wet early evening to a National Trust location to take photographs of the property all lit up with majestic lighting, and label it under the ‘home education’ banner.

I would have said “I would be insane to even think about it. Buzzbee would be high as a kite before we had even reached the Abbey.  It is not worth the stress it would cause him”

Guess what? 

One year on – Not only did Bumble and I take him (and get very wet) but rather than Buzzbee wanting to leave the moment we arrived. We were the ones having to keep ushering him along because he and his camera were in photography seventh heaven – and I have to admit some of his pictures were great.  So, not only did we successfully achieve doing something that normally we would not be able to, but Buzzbee showed himself that he could find a way to not let his fear hold him back from having a good time.

national trust


And finally – if anyone had told me a year ago that my boys would FINALLY feel comfortable enough with my parents to allow Bumble and I to go out for a whole evening, without all the usual control tactics and for us to come home and find that the boys have been OK for mum and dad.

I would have said “One day. One Day”

Guess what? 

Last night not only did we manage it and have a lovely time, but – the boys have not woken up in payback mode (although I know I am tempting fate even writing this).



10 thoughts on “A Year On

  1. What a lot of wonderful achievements you’ve managed in a year. I really enjoyed reading this post, it put a smile on my face. I know you’ve had some tough times so I’m impressed you’ve managed to focus on all the positives that have occurred.xx

    Thanks for linking up with #WASO

    • Thank you. It felt good to be able to write it. I think finally getting to have a relaxing evening out last night helped clear my head a little (well enough to write this post) and regain some perspective.

      • Thank you. I am still stumbling along trying to find my way with home ed and amusingly the DDP has come in very handy (although buzz has grown up with this dialogue because of his brother’s therapy early on).

    • Thank you. It is so easy to get bogged down by it all and I am certainly guilty of letting it all get me down and needing someone or something to give me a nudge and remind me that although it feels like nothing will ever change, the reality is there has been progress.

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