My best friend – Beedog

OK this  post is kind of soppy and quite cute at the same time – Oh! and also written by Buzzbee with the help of mummy.

The title of this post is a big enough clue to this weeks’ #WASO theme ‘friendships’.

This week Beedog has had her 2nd birthday and is now older than me in dog years. My cute baby girl is now a big girl. She is my best friend (well at home) and makes me feel better when I am sad and cross.

I remember the day mummy met me from school with a tiny fluffy lump cuddled up in her coat. All the children thoughts she was adorable.  She was so tiny and the best surprise EVER


Now she isn’t so tiny. She is a huge Cluminger spaniel (Clumber/Springer hybrid) but she is still the bestest dog in the world. Even when she is stealing my football, trying to eat my ice cream or being a cheeky girl.


Here are some reasons why I love Beedog and she is by best friend.

  • she loves to have cuddles and play with me
  • she steals all our socks – right off our feet
  • she always walks nicely for me when she is one her lead and ‘mostly’ comes back when I call her (as long as there are no birds around she comes back)
  • she snores REALLY loud all the time when she is asleep and mostly sleeps on her back in a ‘unladylike’ way
  • she loves everyone and everything, especially if they are going to make lots of fuss of her
  • when she is excited she does a funny side wiggle – a bit like a sidewinder snake


The Weekly Adoption Shout Out

4 thoughts on “My best friend – Beedog

  1. What an adorable post and I think the best yet for #WASO this week. I am a firm believer in animals being the best friends we can have and Beedog certainly looks like and sounds like a truly magnificent friend! Oh, and Happy Birthday Beedog, hope she got lots of treats

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