“On Monday I Lost My Rabbit”

Please forgive me.  I thought this week I would do something different for my #WASO post and ask a friend of ours from Bumble’s musical theatre/amateur dramatics group to write something for me about a book she has written and that has been welcomed into our therapeutic reading toolbox.

Why?  Well, quite simply, I didn’t feel I could do justice to explaining the inspiration behind the book.

So I guess this week I have a guest writer.  (Disclaimer: I am not being paid for promoting this book.  I just ‘paying it forward’ and doing someone a good turn).

Although it is aimed at much younger children, it is written with some of our children’s needs in mind.

Social stories are used almost on a daily basis in our home and In Buzzbee’s words “I am like the boy in the book, except his bedroom is tidier”. Buzzbee absolutely loves the book and it has promoted several detailed conversations around loss and emotions (which as many of you know is a big thing in ‘The Hive’ at the moment with the loss of GrannyBee and Great NannyBee).



    “On Monday I Lost My Rabbit”

Having had a fun filled career in teaching for more years than I care to remember, I decided to write the book that had been popping in and out of my head for almost as many years.

Whilst teaching in a variety of schools with pupils with profound and multiple learning impairments, pupils with severe learning impairments, pupils on the autism spectrum as well as pupils with physical, visual and hearing impairments and pupils who had behaviour modification programmes, I often wished there were more reading resources for some of these pupils.

A number of pupils found reading individual words difficult and they often took time to understand a small number of key words. Many stories were made with paper and pen using the words they knew and it was always great fun and a way of building confidence. However, I couldn’t help but long for some published stories not for my sake but for the pupils. At the end of the day they knew we were making books and some of them knew that other children were reading “proper” books.

So here it is……..

“On Monday I Lost My Rabbit” is the story of loss and the joy of finding what was lost, in this case, four well-loved toys. It can be read as simply as this. It can also be a gentle way to open up talks about feelings around loss. This can be loss of anything. The toy is just the representative of what you wish it to be. Depending on your child and your circumstances you could use the story to chat about finding joy even if you don’t find what was lost.

The story has a strong educational basis and can be linked to many areas of the Early Years Foundation Stages. The book has been created to include primary colours, four toy box toys and simple repetitive language. The illustrations encourage visual development as you try to find the lost toys.

Literacy – Reading – The book contains 16 of the first 100 high frequency words children learn to read 4 of the second 100 high frequency and 4 from the third. There are 8 additional words plus the 7 days of the week.

Mathematics – Time is used in the story in the form of the days of the week which makes a great starting point for understanding the past, present and future. The calendar has the numbers 1-7 on with the corresponding day which can open up conversations on numbers and counting.

It can also be used as a starting point for many expressive arts and design, hide and seek like the toys and of course many songs with rabbits, bears, dragons and ducks.

I have tried where possible to make the story accessible to all and I hope it can be used to encourage the use of signing and symbol systems ie Makaton/British Sign Language. The high frequency words in the story lend themselves to being signed.

The beautiful illustrations take the child along for the wonderful adventure and I hope that as well as the educational basis, readers will also enjoy the book as a lovely story of hope.

The young child loses four of his toys on separate days of the week. I wonder where he eventually finds them? I won’t tell you as you might want to discover for yourself……….

You can purchase the book from some bookshops, the internet and my website www.victoriastory.com

So here it is…..” On Monday I lost my rabbit”……..I wonder what happened on Tuesday?

rabbit book


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6 thoughts on ““On Monday I Lost My Rabbit”

  1. Thank you for sharing this, I really like the idea of this book. Even though my boys are a bit older, they still very much love a picture book and the discussion that can go with it. I think this would be a really interesting story to read with them.

    Thanks for sharing with #WASO

    • Buzz really likes rereading it and although he completely denied reading it, when I stripped Waxy’s bedding I found the book under his pillow. I often find “no matter what” & “Guess how much I love you” under there.

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