Our ‘Shamrock’

This weeks’ #WASO theme is ‘professionals’ and in a way this post is a post about continuity of support from a professional.

Last year I wrote a What do you call a collection of professionals which detailed at the time of writing how many professionals we had already been involved with in ours and the boy’s lives.

I could probably add to that list now – although like with the last post, my head would probably start spinning with the thought of the sheer volume. But I won’t!

In my previous post I mentioned that we have been in the fortunate position of having the same social worker (or as Beewax calls her ‘Social Stalker’) –Shamrock, before and throughout the entire process and once the Adoption Order was in place, we all believed we had reached the end of the line and Shamrock would be moving on, and out support if needed would come from the Post Adoption Support Service.

Our family would finally be flying solo and Shamrock would be free to support new families in the way she has for us most of the time.

Well, that was the plan and what we all believed would happen.  However, destiny had different plans for Shamrock and our family – Shamrock was asked to move from the adoption family placement team and join the post adoption support team, and now she is our PASW.

Buzzbee believes she is part of the family because she has been his life since day one of being taken into care.  Was it fate or just clever planning?  Maybe it is not that unusual for a supervising foster care SW to also be someone’s FPO.

I won’t say Shamrock is perfect. She has her faults and some of them drive me nuts (smile through gritted teeth when the age of answer “All children do that” or “Do you think maybe you are being to oversensitive about Waxy breaking your glasses”).

But, while I can get a little irritable and feel that I am ‘hitting my head against a brick wall’ with her sometime. Most of the time she is wonderful and nothing is too much trouble for her.

  • If I email her with a problem or just because I really need to get something off my chest. She always makes sure that she makes contact in one way or another as soon as she can.
  • She will sit and listen to me rant and cry (usually a lot)and try not to see it as anything but the ravings of a majorly stressed out mother – sometimes she will end up crying herself (another self-confessed soppy human).
  • If she doesn’t have the answers or we are struggling to find our way past all the ‘redtape’, she will do what she can to help us – currently she is rereading Buzz’s file to see if there is anything we have missed in to that will give us leverage with getting him the correct assessments and support.
  • For me, possibly one of the most important things Shamrock does doesn’t do, is expect us to fit in with her timetable/diary – she goes out of her way to meet us when it is best for us. Even if that means she doesn’t come out until 8.30pm, once Buzzbee is settled.

I dearly hope that she realises how important she has become to our family, and yes, in a way Buzzbee is correct – she does feel like she is part of the family rather than a big scary authority figure.

And, even though there WILL come a day when she will no longer be directly involved with us. I don’t imagine that if there ever should come a time when we needed her, she would help, if she could (even if it is just to help with background history).




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