Things we do – learn a new skill

The Things We Do
OK so living with Beeswax is pretty horrible at the moment. I don’t know if it is driven by his hormones or leakage from suppressing his greif. I am certain his trauma is exsabeting the current situation and as I mentioned in my recent #waso post. I have been less than therapeutic at times..

While not wanting to harp on his misdemouners (aggression) this week, it has inspired a ‘things we do’ post.

The pictures speak for themselves but has made me think.  Neither I or my sister have ever been helpless women when it comes to DIY – I suppose this comes from my parents only have daughters. Our dad taught us what he thought we would need to know. For my sister these skills have not been nessecary but it would be fair to say 90% of the repairs in ‘the hive’ are done by me.

However more recently – and maybe because I am getting a little fed up of ‘patching up’ the house after one or others latest “outburst”, I have begun trying to teach Beeswax how to repair the walls himself (the doors well I have no choice but to leave them unless they become dangerous).  I can’t say I am having much success so far but hopefully eventually we will see results of some kind. At the least by the time they are old enough to have their own house they will have at least a basic knowledge/toolkit of DIY skills. But, *whispering* secretly I just hope by making them help repair damage they will be so bored of it they will eventually stop putting holes in windows, doors and walls. And, will think twice about trashing bookcases and chest of drawers – I can dream.

Can’t I?



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