“Hive” the musical

OK! This post should have actually have gone ‘live’ yesterday in time to link up to The Adoption Social’s #WASO. However my laptop had different ideas and decided to go on yet another sabbatical (this time it nearly took a permanent one – straight out the nearest window).

So rather than get myself in a flap over the fact that my computer is now joining the boys in their exploits to drive me around the bend, and because I enjoyed the fun I had with this post – not only in creating it but because the majority of the input (or maybe I should say ‘insight’) has come from the boys and their joy at teasing ‘Mummy’ about her ‘sad, sad, girl music on her phone.

I have decided to not allow my computer to beat me and post it anyway. Ok, so to the actual post!

Both boys are very aware that I write this blog and have begun to get ask on the alternative Friday’s what the next #WASO theme was to be.  I have to admit I was a little stumped at first what to write. Which is ironic when ‘MUSIC’ plays a big part in my day as a way of not only re-centring myself but often Buzzbee too. So it should have been easy for me. Nope I drew a blank!

That was until Saturday evening while the boys were in need of some ‘enforced chill time’ – or should that be mummy, nanny and granddad needed just 30 minutes without having to play referee to their latest ‘hot and bothered, bad tempered squabbling’.  As I had left both boys’ MP4’s home I foolishly gave them my phone to listen to some music in the Summer House.

Shortly after the boys retired to the summer house, Beeswax came up and asked if they were allowed to make a playlist of some of the songs on my phone. Which I agreed to – Oh boy, I am regretting it now.  Approximately 45 minutes later and after an awful lot of hysterical laughing, the boys brought my phone back in and announced that they have come up with the soundtrack to our own ‘Family Musical’ and had scribbled on a piece of paper their reasons for each song – they also pointed out that it was time I stopped ‘sitting on the fence’ and decided what style of music I like (I have a pretty eclectic collection of music.

There are more than 30 so I will just give you a sample of their soundtrack and try to add their explanation for their choices.

“Let it go” – Frozen. Other than fact that this is one of the most played and sung song in our family at the moment. The boys apparently love the freedom of the song and say it describes their impulsiveness (their words were ‘naughty, harmless mischief’)

“Everything is awesome” – LEGO Movie. In capital letters Waxy had written ‘TO DRIVE MUMMY CRAZY SINGING IT EVERY DAY AND ALL THE TIME’

“Chocolate (Choco Choco)” – Soul Control. Apparently they chose this song because it is ‘mummy’s answer to every problem’.  OK, revenge time! Buzzbee won’t be embarrassed but I have a feeling Beeswax would not want this publicised – Both boys not only know all the moves to the song but can’t help dancing to it when they hear the song.

“Roar” – Katy Perry. Ok this one I have to hold my hands up and admit to telling Buzzbee that I thought this song could have been written for mummy and her journey through adoption when it comes to dealing with professionals and attending meetings. I used to bite my tongue and now in meetings they will ‘hear me ROAR’ when I need to. In this sense if I were to have put together a soundtrack, this would have been one of the first I would have put in too.

“Troublemaker” – Olly Murs  feat. Flo Rida. Buzzbee believes that this is his and Beeswax’s theme song and can imagine people singing it to them both.

“Tell him” – Celine Dion/Barbara Streisand.  OMG, last week I wrote how the boys never miss a trick. Well, if I was ever in any doubt about this before, the boys couldn’t have given me a bigger wake up call. (I am going to write the next word for word) “Mummy you always cry when this song is played and it is always after we have been bad or when you are upset about Beeswax (me mum)pushing you away or worse! We don’t know why it makes you so sad but we think it must be in the collection”

“Wonderful tonight” – Eric Clapton. “We know this was the first soppy song you and daddy danced to at your wedding.  We can’t forget this because you two are soooo embarrassing when ever you hear this song and start smooching. You are even worse when it is your wedding anniversary. PLEASE stop! It is gross!”

“The fox” – Ylvis. This song apparently has to be in our collection as a memory of my response to it the first time I heard the song and their amusement at how ‘mummy got it so wrong’ – I may have misheard the line “what did the fox say” (I will leave it up to you to guess why I nearly banned the song from our house)

“Let’s get ready to rumble” – PJ & Duncan aka Ant & Dec.  Quite simply, they boys believe that this song would be perfect to be played while they are ‘tag teaming’ or ‘ganging up on mummy’ with their mania.

“Windmills of your mind” – Alison Moyet. This song was a funny choice for them really and there was very little written with this song.  However I think I can guess why they chose it – a couple of weeks before, during more than a ‘challenging’ weekend with the boys and as an attempt to keep myself regulated. I began singing it to myself while sitting at the bottom of our staircase (this is the only reason I can think they would have for choosing this song).

“And I am telling you, I’m not going” – Dream Girls.  OK the fact that the boys put this song on the list, had me in hysterics because it is a song I have used occasionally with Beeswax when I have needed to snap him out of his ‘tirade’ without anyone saying something they regret.  Usually it involves me standing at the bottom of the stairs with my mobile phone playing the song while I go over the top with the lip-synching and action. It always ends with Beeswax announcing with a wye smile that I am “the biggest dag on the planet” (RESULT).

“What makes your beautiful” – One Direction. OK this was a late entry by Bumble last night.  I am not sure his reasoning for wanting to add this song was really about it always reminding him of how he sees me differently to how I see myself. My guess it is more to do with the fact, he knew the boys would go berserk having a ‘One Direction’ song in the family soundtrack.

The aim of this post is to be light-hearted  and a lot of the rest of the songs are some of my most embarrassing guilty pleasures, so they are staying under lock and key.



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