Loosing yourself

Last week I managed to loose myself and I LOVED IT!

So this week I am going to share it as part of the Adoption Social’s ‘Weekly adoption shout out’.

I spend almost every waking hour at moment feeling lost for answers/solutions to help Beeswax through his current difficulties and I am completely lost on how to get the professionals to listen and take our concerns for Buzzbee seriously – I hate that they always use Beeswax as the excuse for Buzz’s difficulties (mimicking, learnt behaviour). I have recently reread Buzz’s CPR in hope of some answers, and….. Well, I found them but that is another post.

Anyway, this post is not a rant about how frustrated I am. No it is about loosing myself both metaphorical and (ahem) literally for a few hours and taking the advantage of having 6 hours actually completely to myself with absolutely no interruptions.

Part me was tempted to take the opportunity to give the house a good going over and tidy but or glue myself to my laptop and continue trying to find solutions to the brick wall I am hitting all the time. But, the gorgeous sunshine and blue skies were calling me, and Beedog really needed a good walk. So I took myself (along with Beedog and my camera) off to one of our local estates to visit their beautiful gardens (I have lived here for more than 13 years and never visited it once).

Oh my goodness, how could I have missed this place for so long. It was breathtaking – the dynamic and vibrant colours of the foliage and flowers, and the heavenly aroma of the magnolia that wafted in the air (Beedog’s nose was in over drive with all the new smells).  It is rare that I have the opportunity to have a good play around with my camera but on this occasion and with such perfect surrounds, I think I got a little over enthusiastic and poor Bumble was made to endure ever image that evening – all 120 of them.

I could send hours writing about my day of freedom and describe every detail of Beedog and my adventure but I will leave some of the photos to tell that tale. What I feel is more important for this post is, using it as a reminder to myself that I need to find more opportunities for me to do something for myself and not feel guilty for forgetting about the day to day drudgery for a few hour so I can relax – and boy did I.

Oh! As for the getting lost literally – well, at the entrance they gave me a map of the Rhododendron trail around the estate so I could find my away around but lets just say I never found the same path TWICE (usually this would have had me in a complete flap but on that day, it really did not matter).



2 thoughts on “Loosing yourself

  1. This post made me feel so happy, because I know just how much you deserve this little bit of you time. I’m so glad you managed to enjoy those hours to yourself and didn’t use them for housework or laptop time. Your pictures are lovely and I especially like the way you’ve put them together. What did you use?

    Thanks for joining in with #WASO

    • Thank you. It really was great to be able to slow things down and chill out. The frame was from one of Buzz’s apps on his tablet ‘photo grid’. I took a lot of photos that day and finally had the chance to put into practice some of the tips I was taught on my photography lesson last year.

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