‘Wish you were here’ – Waxy & Buzz style

Beeswax is only 1 week into his school holidays and already both boys are driving me around ‘the magic roundabout’ with their complaining “we are bored” and “we don’t have anything to do”, and don’t even get me started on their constant fighting and arguing.  As I can feel ‘therapeutic mummy’ rapidly trying to leave the building and because I have no intention of spending another 7 weeks refereeing between them both 24/7, I decided to cross my fingers and try something a little crazy to reinstate a modicum of ‘peace and harmony’ into the household.

In Beeswax’s mind I was imposing a babyish consequence on him and refused at first to see it as a fun activity to do with his little brother (Ok, he has also obviously been looking at my diary again because he accused me of using the ‘consequence’ as a way for me to cheat with this week’s #WASO post – Not the original plan but ‘thank you waxy’ I like the way you think).

I had decided to set up my camera on a tripod and then gave Waxy a rough script to read (Buzzbee is trying hard with his reading but still finds it too scary to read aloud in front of anyone).  I then suggested that they might like to have some fun filming their own ‘Wish you were here’ style holiday show – I didn’t need to ask Buzzbee twice. I used the magic words – Camera and filming.

Beeswax decided to be the presenter and Buzzbee was the interviewee (a boy talking about his favourite holiday to go on with his family). Even though Beeswax moaned that it was going to be “lame”, both boys spent a glorious hour having fun doing the video and wanted me to post it on here and, when I had to say we couldn’t, their response was ‘but it is SOOOOOOO funny. Everyone would love it. Sometimes being adopted sucks!’  

Instead I promised them I would do my best to transcribe the content of the interview for this post and then we could upload the video to our ‘private family only’ Flickr page later for Nanny, Granddad, Grandpa and other family members to see and have a good laugh at.

So here goes!

W: “Welcome to ‘wish you could be here’ our brand new holiday show.  Please welcome my first guest a mischievous 8 year old called Buzzbee.  So, Buzzbee, how often do you go out as a family?”

B: “Do I look like a calculator or a calendar? How am I supposed to answer that question? Give me a break!”

B: “Ok maybe a different question would help. How about…. Out of all your day trips/holidays places mum and dad take us, which is your favourite?” 

W: “Does it have to be mum and dad, why can’t it be about when we see nanny and granddad or grandpa?”

W: “If you must and if it will stop you avoiding my questions, sure OK visiting nanny, granddad or grandpa counts.  Now what is your favourite?”

B: “Duh that is so easy. Why don’t you ask me something hard? Go on I dare you too!”

W: “Just answer the question you annoying bug!”

B: “Oy, mum says you are not allowed to call me that – call me Sir!”

W: “Get on with it! SIR!”

B: “What was the question? Only joking! Mummy and Daddy will think they know my answer. They will think I will say ‘Center Parcs’ which is cool but ssssoooooo obvious for me.   My favourite place is that place on Dartmoor where mummy and her sister used to go when they were little girls and great nanny and great granddad were still alive.  You know the place – the one where we get to throw stones in the water.”

W: “Do you mean ‘skimming stones’ on the river near that bridge (I can’t remember what mum calls it)?”

B: “Yeah, the one we can also go in the water with our water shoes on and move the big rocks around to change the flow of the water and make mini waterfalls.  Even Beedog likes it.”

W: “It is a pretty cool place, but that can’t be the only reason you like it there.  I know I have at least 2 more reasons for liking it there and we both know that mummy has a secret about her wedding day and her favourite thing about this place (Ssshhh – don’t tell nanny!  On the day she was getting married to daddy, she escaped her bridesmaids after having her hair done and went to her favourite place and had her all time most favourite ice-cream which is only sold on Dartmoor).”

B: “Oh yeah I forgot about the ice-cream.  It is so lush and creamy, and the chocolate flakes (mummy calls them bunny ears) is oh my god! What is your favourite bits, Waxy?”

W: “Hey I am the one doing the interviewing not you. But seeing as you are so nosey. My favourite bits are the big slopes and banks that we can use as hiding places or bases for games like hide and seek tag or Nerf gun battles.  I also love the fact that we have that secret little spot mummy showed us where there is lots of skimming stones and has a nice green bank we can sit on to have a picnic – mummy calls it ‘peace glade’. It is cool because sometimes the ponies and sheep come up close or even cooler is if we walk along the bank sometimes we can see tadpoles or other wildlife.  It is a really cool place to go because it is not on the main track so we don’t see many people and you and I get to be ourselves without annoying other people and everyone can relax.”

B: “Don’t forget Waxy the most important thing Waxy!”

W: “What is that Buzz?”

B: “WE ARE ALLOWED TO THROW STONES! And we don’t get in trouble for it.  I can’t wait to be as good as granddad at skimming the stones.  He is ‘sick’ at it.”

As you can see, they original format idea for the video rapidly got forgotten (off script) and Buzzbee was certainly trying to get his own back on his big brother by winding him up (as Waxy had been doing to his all morning), but I couldn’t have been more happy with the results. 

By that I mean ….. I have another wonderful memento and reminder that even when the boys are at their worst. There are wonderful moments like this when I get to witness the love and strength of the boys’ attunement/bond to each other.

wish you were here


4 thoughts on “‘Wish you were here’ – Waxy & Buzz style

    • Thank you. Watching the video had me in stitches. I love the fact that a place my sister and I have always cherished has now become a favourite for my boys too.

    • Thank you. Despite Waxy’s protests, he had as much fun as Buzz did and while transcribing the conversation. Bumble and I found ourselves chuckling several times.

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