Mother nature has eyes everywhere

The boys’ ‘trauma bond’ is starting to kick back in after almost a whole week of “getting along” and tensions in the house have slowly begun to rise – yesterday it nearly reached fever pitch.

In a shameless, desperate attempt to claw the situation back before they went ‘past the point of no return’, I ramped Beedog up into an excited frenzy and then waited for the boys to “suggest” we take her for a walk to the woods before she steals anymore of their socks.

“Good Girl, Beedog”🐕🐕

Visiting the woods or local fields always has the desired calming effect on the boys and if running around or climbing trees don’t have the desired effect, then usually there is something that will catch their attention – Dragonflies on the bank of the stream or a new badger/fox set.
The boys love the beauty of nature and I love how they are keen to share this with Bumble and I – there is something truly amazing about seeing things through the eye of your children.


However yesterday rather than seeing the world through their eyes, the boys wanted to show me the many ‘faces of nature’ through the camera lens (OK my smartphone camera but still a camera) and what began as another opportunity for the boys to try and compete with each other, turned into a great display of teamwork and laughter between them both – and mummy also managing to slipping in some sneaky emotional language/face reading practise too.




Although it was not a planned activity. The boys loved hunting for faces so much, they have laid down the challenge to find more ‘natural faces’ to the whole family (including my parent and extended family).

This post is written as part of The Adoption Social’s new linkup ‘‘Summer sandpit’


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