Downtime in the hive

This weeks’ #WASO theme is ‘Downtime’ and I really must learn to write some of my posts earlier and then schedule them to be uploaded! That way when I find myself in yet another ‘refereeing, emotional/physical punch bag, bad cop’ situation where I know I am going to either find it difficult to find the time to sit down with my laptop and write or (and this is usually more the case) I am so mentally, physically and emotionally drained, that I find myself unable to even function let alone string a sentence or two together – this weekend is looking like it could potentially turn into one of them so I am getting my butt into gear quickly before any brown smelly stuff really starts to fly and my time patience and emotional willpower go right out the door.

I am half way there already and it is still early morning. So, I guess I am going to count this as my ‘downtime’ for now and pray that it last for as long as possible (Well, at least long enough for me to build up enough reserves to survive this weekend without a hideous showdown of some sort).

I have to be honest and say over the last few years, the word ‘downtime’ has become somewhat of a ‘poisoned chalice’ word for me (I know that sound so OTT).  On one hand, I have been routinely criticised for being too immersed in the boys’ lives and not relaxing or taking care of myself. But, then if I DARE to have a short break from doing the daily chores or being at everyone’s beck and call 24/7, I am crucified for that also.  I know it sounds self-pitying but I really can’t win no matter what I do.

However the rest of the household (even the pets) are much better and finding the time for some downtime and not feeling or being made to feel guilty about it (thankfully I have the photographic evidence to remind myself when the energy in the house is electric, that there are times when the boys are ‘still’, ‘calm’, ‘relaxed’ and not in need of being entertained every second of the day).

I can’t complain too much. My boys may struggle with entertaining themselves or having ‘downtime’ but on their good days they can manage it and sometimes that ‘downtime’ is even spent enjoying each other’s company.

Generally during these times you will find Beeswax with his nose stuck in a rather large book that he has probably read 5 or 6 times before, and Buzzbee will be creating some dramatic and fanciful re-enactment of the latest dinosaur battle, LEGO adventure or turned his bedroom into a miniature ‘Silverstone’ race course – I never get tired of hearing the sound of him merrily chirping away to his toys and himself.

That leaves just Bumble and the pets.  Well, the cats and Beedog are easy – being overindulged, much loved pets who get to sleep and stretch out and snore wherever and whenever, they please (yes the cats have been known to snore too – although Beedog’s snoring could wake the dead, it is so loud) – now that is my idea of the perfect ‘downtime’.

I believe I have mentioned this before but for Bumble there is only one true way that he fits in ‘downtime’ for himself and that is spending, lots and lots of time with his mistress – his online roleplaying games.  It drives me nuts and I have often suggested that when he is playing on it or conversing with his other teammates that I would probably get more of a conversation out of him if I were an avatar in his game. But, if that is what he needs to keep himself sane, then who am I to complain – Oh wait! I know! I am his roleplaying widow of a wife (only kidding, I knew what I was getting into WAY before we were married and in an odd way it is one of the things I love about him and why he is great with the boys – he is still a kid at heart).

Ok so to say I never manage any downtime would be a huge exaggeration (it just feels like that when I am in the thick of the latest drama between the boys or heaven forbid, well-meaning professionals).  I would have to say the type of downtime I get the most out of is taking my trusty camera with me, and clicking (I can’t think of a better description than that) while the boys are racing around at the adventure playground or while I am taking Beedog (sometimes the boys too) out for a long walk and she is bounding through the fields and hedges. I can’t think of anything that helps calm my mind more than this, other than if someone offered me the chance to be stranded on a deserted island with a bronzed Adonis to wait on me hand and foot, and serve me pancakes and chocolates as and when the fancy took me. Oh and the island had only one rule “RELAXING IS MANITORY” – I can dream.


*this post was actually written Friday morning and it has taken until now to upload it*


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