#WASO “Last weekend we…..”

I really must stop making plans for nice weekends because sure enough, if I do, you can guarantee something or someone will make sure those plans do not happen and, if we are lucky, it is seen as a minor inconvenience/disappointment by all or some involved but more often than not, it ends in tears and tantrums (and yes sometimes those meltdowns are mine – I have been known to take it too personally).

Having said this, I don’t think I will ever learn!  No matter how many times it has gone wrong for us, I still continue to plan weekend activities that we can all do as a family.

I thought of starting this #WASO themed post off with the opening sentence “Last weekend we planned a relaxing few days in Devon at my parents’ caravan with the boys and Beedog. However the boys had a different plan and stress free relaxation for mum and dad was most definitely not part of their plan”, but to be fair to the boys, they have been struggling recently and they are triggering each other off left, right and centre simply by one or the other breathing, and despite having to come home early and more arguments and ‘upset/cross mummy’ moments than I really want to think about Last weekend we did have some wonderful moments and several moments of deep belly laughter (mostly at my expense, courtesy of Beedog and her spaniel instincts and highly sensitive snout).

Beeswax and Buzzbee are not the creatures in our family who are not very good with change. I don’t know if it is just part of Beedog’s natural personality, or whether being a young puppy when she joined our family, she has picked up on the boys’ anxieties – nethertheless, Beedog tends to take some time to settle in new environments and quite honestly she doesn’t like changes to her routine, but true to form for the boys, they bent over backwards to make sure that she felt safe and comfortable in the caravan (I think she travels with more transition items than either of the boys and she even has her own suitcase for her bits) – Bumble and I have come to the opinion that while they are fussing with her, they are able to take their time to acclimatise themselves to their environment without having to acknowledge their feelings of vulnerability. It works for them and it works for Beedog, so everyone is happy and ‘last weekend we probably would have thrown the towel in on day one if it hadn’t been for the soothing magic of our crazy hound’.


Ok, so I did say that despite the meltdowns and arguments we did manage to have a good time and I think on top of this, Beeswax may have learnt a valuable lesson.  If you don’t really want to do something that you feel is too scary, you shouldn’t try using your dad as a get out clause by saying “I will do it, if you do” – I am talking about being strapped to bungee cords and flung at great speed, high into the air (there was no way I was going to do it – I am not that crazy. I will gladly wear my cowards badge with honours).


Buzzbee also found himself strapped to bungee cords but as he was too small (or in his words “I don’t have a death wish”), he opted for bouncing and somersaulting on the trampolines and then crashing about in the ‘water-walkers’ – Sadly as I like to think I am a responsible dog owner, I was unable to do any of these activities because I needed to look after Beedog (that is my story and I am sticking to it).

The holiday campsite has so much to offer the boys and the boys have made no secret of the fact that the swimming pool and slides is their favourite activity and while I can take or leave the swimming pool, I do like the fact that it is one of the few places the four of us can safely join in the same activity without it getting out of hand or one or the other fighting for control or supremacy – mind you playing ‘piggy in the middle’ in a swimming pool provides its own challenges – you have heard of the film ‘white men can’t jump’, well we have ‘Honey can’t out jump her 125cm son’ (not even in water).


If all else fails. Go down to the beach




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