Boys, Boys, Boys!

My intention this week was to have written at least one post during National Adoption Week but the universe has consipred against me and I have failed in my mission. Ok maybe not failed, but it had different plans for me this week and to be completely honest I could probably have (if I had the energy) written several posts this week, with all that has been playing out in ‘The Hive’ with the boys and life generally, but on reading them many of you may have thought that the ‘men in white coats’ were already en route to collect me – or at least in my dreams, someone had whisked me off away from this madness.

However rather than focusing on the chaos that half-term and the boys’ trauma bond has created over the past 2 weeks, and because I suspect that if I start writing this #WASO post about all that has gone on, I would need to add a disclaimer or warning that readers would probably want to get themselves a long drink and a bite to eat before beginning to read.

Instead I have decided that this week while sticking loosely to the ‘adopting siblings’ theme of NAW2014, I will share a few photos from the past and present, which for me have powerful stories behind them, but more importantly they show how, while each year my boys grow older, their bond is as strong and close now as it was they day we met them, and for all the brown smelly stuff they put us through, and all the heartache that I have felt, I wouldn’t change them for anyone (not even Patrick Swayze or Mr Darcy).

beachboys Brocode


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