Unexpected letter

I can’t decide if Bumble is trying to be really sweet and cheer me up, or if living on ‘planet adoption’ has finally made him loose his marbles.

No matter the reason. This afternoon I walked into our downstairs bathroom and found a letter pinned to a belt which was attached to the light pull cord, and address to me (or should I say ‘Honeymummy’, I guess he thought I may do exactly what I am doing right now and create a post out of this letter).


Dear Honeymummy

I’m sorry but today I must leave you forever!

For many years now I have helped Buzzbee light his way to the bathroom while my friends have held up his trousers, but now I have become surplus to requirements.

Your son no longer needs me!

He is growing up and has moved on to another. Someone who will be with him for years to come.

I know at the moment you are feeling a little sad that Buzzbee isn’t you ‘baby boy’ anymore and doesn’t need you so much to do things for him because he is getting taller but please remember….

….Buzzbee will always need you because you are his mummy and I have seen how much he loves you.

Please do not mourn my passing. I may be leaving but I am sure I am going to a better place. A place where again I can be useful to another mum and her amazing little boy or girl.

Look after your special men and thank you for letting me be part of your life.

Buzzbee’s belt

P.S Shower has promised me she will look after Buzz for as long as he needs her.


OK I will admit in the last couple of days I have been a silly goose and getting teary about Buzzbee growing up, and yes, I did cry when I read his letter but in Bumble’s own daft way, he is letting me know that while he doesn’t always say or do the right things, he does notice when I am struggling and wants to help (he just isn’t always sure how to do that).



8 thoughts on “Unexpected letter

  1. Your post made us smile. Nicola and Alice are only 2 but they seem to realise when their respective mummies are feeling sad about the latest insult from our birth parents. They give us their toys to hold and say “Big happy Mummy” to us!

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