This week is ‘Get Walking Week’ and The Adoption Social have chosen this weeks’ #WASO theme ‘Where I walk’ to fit in with this.

Where I live, we are blessed with so many wonderful places to walk and visit. So much so that I couldn’t chose which one to write about. But, it did get me thinking about a sentence that is used daily in our house and one that is met with a mixed response from members of the household

“I think it is time we all went out for a walk”

Bumble enjoys a nice afternoon walk and recently the lucky devil managed to bag himself a weekend away with some of his mates on a walking weekend along the coastal paths in Devon, while using my parent’s caravan as a base.

follow the muddy track

The boys! Well……. Let’s be honest they are less than keen most of the time with the idea of ‘going for a walk’, despite loving being outdoors. In truth, it often comes across to Bumble and I, that both of them couldn’t think of anything worse than going for a nice family stroll and over the years, I think I have heard every excuse and moan that they could possibly come up with, before, after and during the walk, as to why they can’t or don’t want to do it. To be fair, if they have trees to climb or enough open space to race each other then they will tolerate it but if we were heading further afield or attempting a picturesque coastal path…. Oh my god it is like pulling hens teeth, and often I end up feeling frustrated and wondering if all the stress is worth it.

Myself, I have always loved going for nice long peaceful walks, especially at times when I really need to cool down or I have so much going on in my tiny brain that I just need to be alone with my thoughts (although, in all honesty, lately this has not been such a good idea – unhelpful dialogues with myself. Not to mention the looks you can get from others when you start talking yourself. Not good). Being outside and taking in the beauty that surrounds me sounds really cliché but so many time it has been my saviour. Nature doesn’t judge you. The birds are singing not screeching and shouting or saying ‘all boys do that’. The soft, firm (OK mostly muddy at the moment) ground I walk on, isn’t going to crumble and disappear from under my feet, and every tear stained step I take, it is there to hold me up and keep me company when I am feeling lost.

Now, that brings me on to our resident furry, four-legged ‘family therapist’. The one member of our household, for who is always happy to hear the words “Let’s go for a walk”. It is music to her big, brown floppy ears and is guaranteed to send our crazy girl into a manic spiral of over-excitement.

It wouldn’t take a genius to realise that I am talking about Beedog. No matter if she is wide awake or snoring her head off, snoozing on the couch. At the slightest whisper/mention or even spelling of W.A.L.K, she is up on her feet and going absolutely crackers, right up until the point you clip the lead onto her collar and open the front door, ready to head out.

Like many spaniels I have met, her manners on a lead leave a lot to be desired and god help you if you are the unfortunate person on the other end of her lead if she spots a blackbird (she has been trained by the best hunters in our village – our 2 cats). Having said this she is absolutely brilliant at walking nicely most of the time if Buzzbee is walking her.

bird brain

Luckily for us we are surrounded by beautiful fields and walks within a couple of minutes of our doorstep, so Beedog has plenty of opportunities to run freely off her lead. Usually with Buzzbee or Beeswax in hot pursuit, laughing freely and without care.

Love it or hate it, both the boys know that owning a dog comes with responsibilities and taking Beedog for regular walks is important – and not only for her health and wellbeing, but for the sake of their socks and sanity too.

And, while they would never admit it openly…….taking Beedog for a walk helps them feel calmer and gives them the space and time to recharge their emotional batteries.

keep calm


2 thoughts on ““W.A.L.K”

  1. We’re so thankful for our Grem because gets Buddy outdoors every day. And 14-year-old Swar can be roused long enough for a walk with his favorite boy most days as well. God bless our 4 legged friends!

    • Beedog is an absolute blessing and is so good for the boys (ok all of us). She is such a sweet natured and loving but completely bonkers dog with an extreme foot/sock fetish.

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