Throwing away the rule book

In the last couple of weeks, Waxy has begun to struggle with the thought of returning to school and starting year 10, along with the fear of whether he can maintain the high standard his school have come to expect from him.

In an attempt to distract him for a few a days before returning, Bumble and I arranged to borrow my parents’ caravan for the bank holiday weekend and, as an added bonus, Nanny and Grandad Bee decided to join us for 24hrs, so we could celebrate their wedding anniversary and my upcoming birthday. The plan was perfect. 2 happy boys, 1 relaxed dog and 2 (semi) relaxed parents.

A completely predictable weekend, with no dramatic changes to the boys’ routine!

But! Our weekend did not start off as we had planned. Another guest was coming to the party and, while I adore her dearly and she is my only niece, her arrival and announcement that she wishes to spend the weekend with us, because her big brothers were being mean to her, has meant that we have had to throw out our ‘safe’, ‘predictable’ rule book and drive by the seat of our pants, hoping and praying that it didn’t blow up in our faces.

Waxy and Buzzbee are very set in their ways, as is my niece (she is daddy’s princess after all), so potentially we could have been ‘lighting the blue touch paper’ very early in the weekend – we got close a couple of times with Buzz and ‘Bossybee’, but she can wrap them both around her little finger so there was no need for the riot shields.

One of the biggest differences between the boys’ routine and Bossy’s, is that Waxy and Buzz are early to bed and early morning risers, whereas Bossy and her brothers go to bed when they are tired and wake up late in the morning.   Okay the mornings were not a problem. The boys are happy to relax and chill out in the caravan in the morning, until Bossy woke up, or I was brave enough to enter the ‘Bear’s cave’.

Night times on the other hand have been a little more challenging, and really this is the area where Bumble and I have had to throw away our rule book. While my parents were still staying with us, we all started out with the best intentions of letting Buzz and Bossy camp out in the same room with each other on the agreement that when we say it was time to settle to sleep, they would settle down – Haha! Who were we kidding? The little devils finally fell asleep at midnight and that wasn’t until all the adults had gone to bed and they both decided it would be more fun to camp in the lounge while Bumble and I were sleeping on the sofa bed. Just in case you are wondering. Waxy chose not to camp with them but he was not averse to attempting a not-so covert mission of winding his brother and cousin up, and last night wasn’t much better.

The only saving grace was Buzzbee is a creature of habit and more often than not once he is asleep, he will sleep for at least 8 hours, so both mornings he has in fact slept in like his cousin, just maybe not quite as late as she was. Beeswax on the other hand never sleeps in. Well he did once, after a wedding reception, a long, long time ago. But on the bright side he somehow managed to fall asleep despite the ‘Buzz and Bossy show’ going on around him.

The one thing that did put Beeswax’s nose out of joint was that he no longer had his little brother fighting to gain his attention. Now normally Waxy moans about how Buzzbee drives him mad always pestering him to play childish games. And Waxy loves to wind him up by refusing to play with him. But when Buzz has someone else to play with, Waxy misses the fun and to be honest he misses the control.

Another entry we wavered from our rule book this weekend is to keep Buzzbee away from wrestling in strange situations, like holidays. Buzzbee loves his WWE – he has almost as many wrestling figures as dinosaurs! OK, that’s a lie – he has about a tenth as many wrestling figures as he has dinosaurs, but that is still a lot! At home the wrestlers go for each other much like, er, dinosaurs would. So you can imagine how out of control his play can get on holiday. So no wrestlers on holiday! Except for one teeny weeny problem – the wrestling show at the caravan site. So not only did we have to bring some of his wrestling figures along, but there were real life wrestlers! Full sized! Very full and very sized! Don’t tell Bumble, but the photos of Buzz and Bossy with huge, muscular, freshly oiled wrestlers was more for my benefit than the children’s!

So I guess the moral of this weeks’ #WASO tale from me is….. Sometimes there are some advantages to throwing out the rulebook!



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