Holiday bliss (Beeswax and Buzzbee are off the clock)

The Weekly Adoption Shout Out

Ok before I start I have to be honest.  This post was intended to be written for last weeks #WASO. Unfortunately family life got in the way but for once it wasn’t my boys or even social workers that were the source of chaos and confusion.  No it was my dear ‘beloved’ sister and her family.  I go down to visit my parents (child & husband free) for a few days to have a break before the school holidays descend on me and somehow I ended up spending all the time entertaining or separating my warring niece and nephews while my sister flitted off here, there and everywhere. I guess you could say I was on a “Busman’s holiday” only my boys actually know that when you say it is bedtime that means it is bedtime – not leap about across beds trying to bounce each other out of their beds until gone 10.30pm.

Anyway, I very quickly resigned myself to the fact nothing was getting written. On the plus side I did finally get to see my niece in one of her ballet recitals which was really lovely and she looked adorable (OK, I know I am biased).

Thankfully this week Bumble and I have taken the boys away on holiday to the exact place that I was planning to write about last week so everything is very fresh in my mind, where before it would have been a little stale.

When it comes to going on holiday with the boys we have always been somewhat fortunate in the fact that the boys always cope really well and we have few if any issues while we are away. Yes, some of this is down to the planning and preparation we put in before and the fact that we only go places where we know there will be plenty for the boys to do.

However there is one place that has always had that something extra for our boys –  Center Parcs!  It is hard to explain, both boys are usually wound up tighter than a coiled spring but the moment we reach the complex and drive down the long winding road towards the security gate, something almost magical comes across them and if you listen carefully enough you will hear them both physically exhale.  My highly strung, anxious, controlling children turn into 2 chilled out Munchkins (if the boys ever read this they will give me grief for calling them that but I can’t think of a better fit).

  • They don’t fuss or panic about mealtimes.
  • They don’t insist on knowing the entire itinerary for the day.
  • Beeswax doesn’t spend every waking moment trying to be the parent to anything that is living or breathing.
  • Buzzbee accepts that he cannot do some things because of his size without it turning into a meltdown that is off the Richter scale
  • The boys cooperate with each other rather than compete (usually games of badminton, tennis or football would need careful supervision)
  • They laugh and giggle and it is real laughter. It is from the belly, it is heartfelt and very infectious.  They allow themselves to have fun and enjoy every moment of it.

To put it simply! For 5 days they “go with the flow” and take a holiday from their worries. The first time they did this we considered whether they were so far out of their comfort zone that they were too afraid to act out but after looking back at previous holidays which were not to Center Parcs we realised that for some reason which even they cannot explain they feel safe enough to truly relax and be simply children again.

I could rabbit on for ever about the effect it has on my boys but rather than that I have asked the boys to chose the pictures that they feel encapsulates their holiday.

Spider Monkeys Run from Sandy Bottom sand rapid pedal jardin feeder deer day2 day1 bonzi birdy 3swimfish hawk squirel3beesandhoney


10 thoughts on “Holiday bliss (Beeswax and Buzzbee are off the clock)

  1. Great when you find a place that works for everyone. We haven’t been to Center Parcs for a long time but you might just have encouraged me to look at it again. Thanks for sharing your lovely holiday experiences on The Weekly Adoption Shout Out. x

  2. We are big CP devotees and have the same reaction. I only have to smell the trees and I’m chilled. We’re not going anywhere so far this year now Pip has joined us and Katie commented that we needed to take Pip to CP. good thinking I say!

  3. We’ve never been able to afford CP before. But we’re in a better position and you might have just persuaded me to consider it. Thanks for sharing with the Weekly Adoption Shout Out (great photos too!) x

    • It is worth it. This year we took a chance and booked it last minute which saved us an awful lot. It was a gamble considering usually Buzzbee needs lots of warning but we were confident this would be one transition that now wouldn’t phase him (huge progress).

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